Tennis Court Surfaces

At Academy Sports we install the following court surfaces.

Coloured Porous Macadam

Porous macadam is the most common type of tennis court surface in the UK, especially in private homes. It is hard-wearing and inexpensive to install. It can easily and affordably be refurbished by pressure-cleaning and recolouring, and resurfacing is a straightforward process of laying a new macadam course over the existing after preparation. This surface provides a relatively slow and high ball bounce.

The porous macadam surface also acts as the base for the other two main types of surface that Academy Sports installs:

Synthetic Grass (sand dressed)

The sand-dressed synthetic grass consists of a carpet with a dense, upright polypropylene pile. It is laid in rolls, with glued joints coinciding with playing lines where possible. The finished surface is achieved by dressing the pile in special silica sand to approximately 2mm of its height. This surface provides a faster and lower bounce than that of porous macadam.

Porous Cushioned Acrylic

The Porous Cushioned Acrylic surface is also laid on a porous macadam base and comprises of a 6mm prefabricated rubber matting and special acrylic spray coatings which provide colour and texture. The coatings can be adjusted to meet other sports' requirements, and the surface provides a comfortable cushioned surface, without the trade-off of a 'dead' ball bounce.

In addition, we also provide the following tennis court surfaces:

  • Non-porous acrylic

  • Artificial clay