Tennis Court Planning Service

Academy Sports offers a full planning service for new tennis court construction. You may not require planning permission to construct a tennis court in your garden, or on a piece of land you own, however, there are some criteria for which planning may be required.

As an example, tennis court fencing is normally 2.75m in height (9ft), but permission is often required if the fence exceeds 1.8m (6ft)

If you propose to build your tennis court on a piece of land other than your garden, it should be checked that it is not classed as agricultural land, as you may need permission for change of use.

Permission may also be required if your property is a listed building.

The proximity of the proposed court to public rights of way, e.g. roads, footpaths, and bridleways may also be an issue, and require planning permission.

Our planning service involves a site survey and production of detailed plans for submission to the local authority.


Tennis Court Planners