Tennis court surround fencing is fairly standard, but there are choices that can be made when considering a court.

The most basic is the standard galvanised angle iron post system. This can be primed and painted, however more attractive and ready-coated is our powder-coated tubular system. Either system usually has a standard galvanised-core, PVC-coated chain link netting attached by means of line wires.

The standard height is 2.75 metres, but 3.65 metres is available for all or just part of the court. Any height can be made to order, however, this can be disproportionately expensive. 

The majority of domestic tennis court surround fences have a lowered section along part of one (or sometimes both) sides.  This opens up the court and is much more aesthetically pleasing. It also feels less like playing in a cage.  Normally, a low section has a gate in it, however, full-height gates are also available for elsewhere in the fence.

If the requirement is for a Multi-Use-Games-Area (MUGA), or if it is simply a tennis court on which other sports are to be played, such as hockey or soccer, a chain-link surround will not be robust enough.  In this case, a welded mesh system can be installed. This is usually fixed to uprated square-section posts and can act as a rebound section at the lower part of the fence. There is a greater range of heights and specifications for these systems, and options such as recessed soccer/hockey goals, and basketball systems can be installed.  As before, gates can be installed as required and depending on the surface type, double-leaf gates may installed to allow maintenance machinery to gain access to the court.