Case Study

A typical process for the design and construction of a new tennis court would involve the following:

After the initial enquiry from the client, a site visit is arranged. At this visit, the site is assessed for size, suitability and other factors such as sub-soil type and vehicular access. The area of the court is measured out, and levels are taken with laser equipment. This will ensure that the client is aware of the approximate finished court levels, and the amount of soil that will require excavation in order to provide a stable and level base for construction of the court.

We will then discuss construction issues such as access, drainage and how the excavated soil is to be dealt with, before moving on to tennis court considerations and clients’ requirements such as surface type, fencing and accessories. Once all requirements are established, we return to the office and produce a full specification and quotation(s) which we send to the client within a day or two of the site visit.

Upon acceptance of the quotation and exchange of contracts, we programme the work in our schedule and agree with the client the anticipated start and finish dates. When we start on site, we carefully set out the court and begin excavation. Foundation stone is laid, followed by construction of the drainage and court edge detail. The fence is erected, and then the macadam surface is laid. The site is cleared and left tidy whilst the macadam cures.  When the surface has cured, we then return to site and lay the playing surface, whether it be a coloured coating, a synthetic grass or a cushioned acrylic surface.

We then meet with the client to hand over the tennis court, at which time we erect the posts and net and provide the client with a maintenance schedule.

The photographs in this case study show the construction of a typical coloured porous macadam tennis court.

Please click on the image below to view images from our new court build projects.



Despite the rain, we have been most impressed with the quality of work and efficiency of your firm. Your resurfacing team was quite outstanding in the commitment to execute at the highest standard. The work rate and dedication were quite astonishing. It has been a pleasure dealing with Academy Sports. This is such an unusual statement to make, as all too often these days complaints about unacceptable work and standards are just too common.

Mr T G J, Kingwood, Henley on Thames