MUGA Advice

Whilst a MUGA can be very versatile, there is almost always a need to compromise.

MUGA Court Design

When designing the MUGA court layout the initial compromise arises mainly in terms of dimensions and the type and performance of the playing surface. It is impossible to provide a a simple solution to suit every situation. Sporting priorities must be carefully considered, and the facility designed accordingly.

Please take a look at an example MUGA court design for a typical 46m x 35m court and MUGA for netball, tennis and football developed for Woking college by Academy Sports. Please also see our MUGA Examples section for further examples of Multi use games area designs.

MUGA Court Surfaces

An example of MUGA compromise would be as follows: a synthetic grass surface might be ideal for soccer and/or hockey, but unsuitable for netball. To take this further, even the type of synthetic grass is important - a short pile carpet with no shockpad underneath is good for tennis but not for soccer where a shockpad is required to stop the ball bouncing too high. It can therefore be seen that careful planning is required to determine which sport has priority (if any).

MUGA Court Accessories

Other aspects must also be considered, such as fencing and lighting. Simple chain link netting is fine for a MUGA where tennis, netball, basketball etc. are the sports played, but would quickly be damaged if a football is struck against it. For lighting, a higher illumination level is required for tennis than for soccer, mainly due to the size of ball being used.

It can be seen, therefore, that a compromise is almost always required when planning or building a multi use games facility.