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Warm & Sunny Weather on Court!

Warm & Sunny Weather on Court!

It may be short-lived, but warm and sunny weather is here at last!

One benefit for us here at Academy Sports is that it will give us a chance to start colouring all of the porous tennis court and MUGA surfaces that we built over the winter.

Tennis Court Surface Colouring

Porous macadam is the most common type of tennis court surface in the UK, especially in private homes. Amongst the reasons for its popularity is that as well as being both hard-wearing and inexpensive to install, it can be painted any colour of your choice. The most common colours are green and blue but red and purple are also popular.

Tennis Court Surface Maintenance

Once these new courts we built in 2021 have been painted by us and our partners, they can easily and affordably be refurbished by pressure-cleaning at an interval appropriate to its surroundings (i.e. proximity to trees and shadows) and recolouring can be done again in the future. Much longer down the line when the hard surface has started to break down, resurfacing is just a straightforward process of laying a new macadam course over the existing surface with only a little preparation needed.

If you have an existing court that is a little tired, or perhaps a perfectly intact but plain macadam surface that could do with some colour to create a whole new look then get in touch and we can talk about resurfacing or colouring your court for that new court look. We can also look at any fencing issues that you might have and update the existing net and court lighting.

If you would like to have a no obligation quote for any of this then please call us on 01483 797877 or complete the form on our contact us page.