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Tennis Court Fence Repairs & Upgrades

Tennis Court Fence Repairs & Upgrades

With the recent storms, there have been many trees down in the southeast of England recently and as a result, tennis court fencing has been affected on many courts across the region at clubs, public facilities, and homes.

Unfortunately, tennis court fences often get battered due to their locations in wide-open spaces or close to trees, and they are usually tall. When they become damaged, they look unsightly and may be dangerous so should be fixed at the earliest opportunity.

Tennis Court Fence Height Options.

Often the sides of a court can be at a reduced height meaning that they don’t catch the wind as much and are less prone to being flattened by branches and trees. Of course, the other benefit is that viewing is considerably improved for spectators, and the players enjoy a more natural environment. You can see examples of the courts with this style of wire fencing in our main photo gallery.

Upgrade or repair your wire fencing

If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from lower tennis court fencing or would like to have a no-obligation quote for some repairs that need doing then please call us on 01483 797877 or complete the form on our contact us page.