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Tennis Court Fencing News

Tennis Court Fencing News

We have updated the Academy Sports website again to include a new area containing details of the tennis court fencing that is available through us.

Looking for Tennis Court Fencing?

The new fencing page covers everything from the standard galvanised fencing to something more pleasing on the eye. As you can see from many of the courts in our sports court gallery, it is common to have a lowered section on one or both of the sides which looks great and gives a nicer feel when you are playing (as you no longer feel like you are in a cage).

As we are known for MUGA as well and tennis courts, we of course provide more robust solutions for the variety of games that are played within them. This includes gates which can be secured and wide enough to give good access to machinery and generally more traffic onto the court surface.

If you would like to know more about tennis court fencing then take a look at the page, and if would like a quote for a replacement fence or have a general enquiry for a new tennis court then please do call 01483 797877 or complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.